[FoRK] Cato Unbound: The Case for the Libertarian Democrat

Joseph S. Barrera III < joe at barrera.org > on > Tue Oct 3 14:09:44 PDT 2006

Lucas Gonze wrote:

>  I canceled and switched to VOIP long ago, but there are only two
>  places for me to get IP and one of them is the phone company.  The
>  other one? The cable company, which forbids VOIP because it has its
>  own competitive service.

I get IP via San Bruno Cable which does not forbid VOIP as doing such
would not be in the interest of the San Bruno citizens whom San Bruno
Cable is in the business of serving.

Not sure how that fits into the whole libertarian thing :-)
Except that sometimes a small government will continue
to represent its citizens, whereas large governments are
more easily purchased by corporate interests...

- Joe

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