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I'll add that you don't need insurance either.  Just drive very

Because you have to show proof of insurance to renew license plates
and get the car inspected, good skills with an IBM selectric, white
out, scotch tape, and a Xerox machine can be very useful.  (scotch
tape hides the paper seams.)

Of course now a days you just scan an insurance card into
PaintShopPro, select and copy and paste a few numbers then toss the
mess to the laser printer...


Ok, I had a wreck.  Totaled my '85 Cavalier in Fall of '88 like 3
months after paying it off.  The guy ran a red light one rainy
morning.  I got a ticket for not yielding.  Huh?  Excuse me for
hydroplaning into his driver's door at 15 mph.  The old guy in the
280Z must be right and the kid in the cheap Chevy must be wrong.
(hey, the kid in the cheap Chevy drove on to work while the 280Z sat
there leaking antifreeze, transmission fluid, and piss.)  The
insurance payment was a joke.  There was no way to replace the car
with that little check.  A friend in San Antonio found a car for me.
A 1978 Plymouth Volare.  I wasn't real thrilled about it, hell, a
station wagon?  He talked them down and I got it for $1000 and about
43 cents with tax, title, and the rest.  The odometer turned over on
the way home and I had a "new car" with all of 75 miles on it.   :)

You can sing the song now.  Volare, oh wo wo wo woo...

The insurance company wanted around $550 a year for a basic policy on
a thousand dollar car.  Wacky.  Hence the white-out and Xerox machine

That Volare was a good car.  Just a 2 barrel slant six.  A faded out
Earl Schribe paint job.  It never stranded me.  Sure, it had a few
quirks.  Throwing the fan belt in rush hour traffic on Lamar was one.
So I'd take 45th over to Burnet Road and then fork over onto Woodrow
at Sound Warehouse.  As long as I could keep moving the air would turn
the fan and run the water pump.  I could go through neighborhoods and
coast stop signs all the way home up to Space Lane.

And one of the field wires on the alternator had a tendency to burn
off.  Replacing the voltage regulator and alternator a few times had
no effect.  Just a bad wire.  When the fan blower started running slow
on high speed, I knew what to fix.

I got rear ended a few times on Lamar during the go-home traffic.
Once was by a nice Mustang... I was already stopped because of the
light at 38th and he hit me hard enough to knock the stuff on the
front seat onto the floor.  So we pulled into Sid's parking lot and
well, I didn't have a mark though you could tell the bumper shocks had
traveled a bit over half an inch.  The Mustang had no grill or
headlights.  He did not want to call the cops at all.  No policia, por
favor, ok?  Worked for me.

Cops never looked at that car.  Cops would look away from that car.
The Chevy?  Two miles over the limit was good for a ticket on Metric

That was a good car.  Then it threw a bearing and well, we parted the
good stuff out to the other cars and trucks here.  I sold her for
scrap and got all of $45.  But the Wagon lives on.


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"Stephen D. Williams" <sdw at lig.net>:
>It's hard to think of an example that approaches government monopoly

Some libertarians I know, who shall remain nameless for obvious
reason, would explain that it is just as easy to untangle yourself
from its various services. You don't need a driver's license to
drive; just avoid accidents and tickets. You don't need to pay
taxes; just execute all transactions in cash or goods. You don't
need a passport to cross borders; just the sense to avoid the
checkpoints. Government monopoly isn't all that airtight either.

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