[FoRK] more religion

Corinna < corinna.schultz at gmail.com > on > Wed Oct 4 06:24:59 PDT 2006

This, I think, is a common problem. It is also a good 
explanation for why arguing doesn't work for a lot of 
people (like my father). Once I started trying to 
"understand", I saw that there was no reason to believe 
in religion.


Dennett made a fascinating point -- and I think he's 
right -- that some people believe in god, and some people 
believe in the belief in god. I think of intelligent 
people I know, and I can't really imagine they believe, 
without proof, in a big Imaginary Friend in the sky. I 
think they just try not to think about it too much
because they find it more comfortable to recede into
irrationality. Or, as it relates to organized religion, 
as Dennett said in his talk:

    People do the believing and leave the understanding 
    to the "experts."

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