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Luis Villa < luis at tieguy.org > on > Tue Oct 10 09:31:23 PDT 2006

Google is the big loser here. They could have been the advertising
provider to all those people you named, including YouTube, and now
instead they are competitors.


On 10/10/06, Albert S. <albert.scherbinsky at rogers.com> wrote:
> Who are the winners and losers in Google's move into
> Internet based video?
> If you see the combination of Google Video and YouTube
> evolving into an Internet based TV network, then it is
> hard not to come to the conclusion that the big losers
> will be the traditional TV networks. ABC, CBS, NBC and
> Fox have the most to lose. As soon as they ClueTube
> in, they are likely to try and compete head on with
> Google in the Internet TV space. Apparently Fox has
> already ClueTubed in, as evidenced by it's losing bid
> to buy YouTube. And the networks are ClueTubing in by
> tipping their toes into Internet TV with some
> prereleased episodes of TV shows.
> Just as independent music producers were big winners
> in the Internet/MP3 explosion. Independent video
> producers will be the big winners in the new Internet
> based TV business.
> What the entrenched TV networks have is good content
> production. What they don't have is good Internet
> presence. The TV networks may take a run at Yahoo, to
> become more like Google, just to survive.
> Cheers,
> Albert
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