[FoRK] NewTube VS OldTube

Tom Higgins < tomhiggins at gmail.com > on > Tue Oct 10 10:55:19 PDT 2006

On 10/10/06, Albert S. <albert.scherbinsky at rogers.com> wrote:
> The YouTube model doesn't need the oldfangled content
> producers. What I see happening is the empowering of a
> new breed of independent content producers, with ad
> generated revenue provided by Google ads.

You mean PDiddy/BK thang, NumaNuma Idol, desynched loads of tv shows
from one hour ago, LonelyGirl12231234 or Americas UnFunniest Staged
Home Movies?

Dont get me wrong, I love getting my clips of the daily show and its
ilk on the daily youtube scan, and yes I do love the fact gems like
Raymond Scott/The Goon Shows/ and early 80's Cookie Puss Commercials
are found there regularly...

I like how DemocracyTV hits the issue. I get way more of what I
consider "new breed independent content" from their memestreams then


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