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Lucas Gonze < lgonze at panix.com > on > Tue Oct 10 19:00:35 PDT 2006

Short answer: eMusic now does 192K VBR.  I couldn't agree more that 128K 
CBR is not ok.

On Tue, 10 Oct 2006, Corinna wrote:

> Some comments from my husband, who recently bought
> an MP3 player (it came from eMusic, I'm not sure
> what brand it is). He had a subscription to eMusic.
> I was wondering if you guys know of a better supplier,
> or have anything helpful to suggest.
> ----
> What I noticed was that when comparing a classical
> recording at the highest MP3 rate - 320 kbs with VBR
> WMA, was that while the music was there, all that was
> sweet and compelling was not.  The MP3 had sucked
> all life and vitality from it, Bunnicula style.
> When I ripped NIN to the MP3 player, I was startled
> and pleased to hear what was there.  Then, I reripped
> at the MP3 rate, to save space - 1G only goes so far
> with music.  And I was appalled to discover that
> suddenly, the bonus and declarative headphones I had
> just bought sounded like mush.
> Many of my emusic MP3s are 128kbs - which makes them
> almost unlistenable.  I suspect it is not coincidental
> that those MP3s I keep coming back to are those that
> are VBR - but there are, alas, VBR MP3s. I suspect
> the WMA format is superior.
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