[FoRK] Fwd: Cold War Missile Numbers "De-re-classified"

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> UPDATE: Cold War Missile Numbers "De-re-classified"
> http://www.nsarchive.org/NSAEBB/NSAEBB197
> For more information contact:
> William Burr/Thomas Blanton - 202/994-7000
> Washington, DC, October 11, 2006 - On September 26, 2006, the  
> Department of Defense's Washington Headquarters Services duly  
> released, as a result of an administrative appeal, unredacted  
> versions of 1971 charts depicting U.S. strategic force levels first  
> published in a public report by Secretary of Defense Melvin Laird.  
> This was, as it should have been, a routine decision to correct a  
> mistake. Pentagon reviewers had previously treated the charts,  
> which included numbers of U.S. strategic missiles and bombers,  
> among other weapons systems, as classified documents. Whether  
> officials at the Defense Department and the Department of Energy  
> will respond to pending appeals by releasing comparable non- 
> classified information from other excised documents remains to be  
> seen.
> "We've always known about overclassification, since even the Bush  
> administration admits that 50% of what is classified should not  
> be," commented Archive director Thomas Blanton. "But  
> reclassification of previously public data crossed the line into  
> absurdity, and now our protests have established a whole new  
> feature of the secrecy system: de-re-classification!"

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