[FoRK] The Wall of Stupidity

Albert S. < albert.scherbinsky at rogers.com > on > Mon Oct 30 13:08:48 PST 2006

Shhhh, the Merkins are listening. Just don't tell them
that the Canadian Government has joined forces with
WalMart to take drug prices to zero. $4 perscriptions
is just the first step. Bwaaaa ha ha ha ha .....

You just can't keep a secret. ix na on the ecret
ubmarine bases, eh.


--- Malcolm Greenshields <greenshields at uleth.ca>
> thwart the
> Canadian plot to 
> flood the U.S. with cheap pharmaceuticals. But no
> funny business, shock 
> and awe, operation Freedom Canada or any of that.
> Our tank is at the 
> ready and our airplane is fueled. Unfortunately our
> submarine is either 
> under repair or carrying kiddies around the pool in
> an Edmonton shopping 
> mall.
> M

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