[FoRK] Did nobody read Slashdot today?

Andy Armstrong < andy at hexten.net > on > Mon Oct 30 15:53:44 PST 2006

On 30 Oct 2006, at 22:49, Kragen Javier Sitaker wrote:
>> http://politics.slashdot.org/politics/06/10/28/1934208.shtml
> You didn't even post a headline.

I posted more than the OP :)

> I guess you assume that everybody
> reading the list, now or in the future, will have web access, and that
> Slashdot will always exist and never invalidate its past URLs?

That's a funny thing to guess. The truth is it didn't occur to me - I  
suppose you could say I made an implicit assumption but I don't know  
if a complete absence of consideration of a subject necessarily  
implies that.

Andy Armstrong, hexten.net

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