[FoRK] My refusal to have a blog per se, comments, technorati, and icon-mania

Jeff Bone < jbone at place.org > on > Tue Oct 31 20:11:51 PST 2006

This bit from 37 Signals struck a chord:


This is related, but not equivalent to, another bit of blogosphere  
ettiquette that I feel strongly about.  And it's not clear to me  
whether my position on this other matter is Cluetrain-consistent or  
not, RageBoy be damned if he disagrees.

Call me anti-social, but I have a standing rule for that day --- oh,  
that day, may it be far away --- when I feel the need to have an  
actual "blog" per se.  (Well, it's probably not that far off, it's  
just that my own peculiar psychology is requiring me to re-write  
large parts of Clickfeed before then, so...) That standing rule is:   
there will be NO freakin' comments.  NO COMMENTS, do you hear?

Why, you ask?  (Well, maybe you didn't ask, but you should have.)

Because the Web is built by human interaction through interlinked  
expression via discrete, named pieces of content.  Which is a fancy  
way of saying:  content's valuable, but links are equally value, as  
they express a variety of things that are not directly expressed in a  
single piece of content (i.e. page, to the extent that this concept  
even makes sense in the abstract "web.")  Which is a long-winded way  
of saying:  if you want to comment on something I say that I deem  
sufficiently important for allocating a URI, get your own damn blog,  
give your own statement a URI, and link to what I said;  we both ---  
and everyone else on the Web --- will profit from this transaction,  
it's nonlinearly positive-sum.



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