[FoRK] My refusal to have a blog per se, comments, technorati, and icon-mania

James Tauber < jtauber at jtauber.com > on > Tue Oct 31 22:07:35 PST 2006

That was my attitude when I first started blogging (using homegrown  
software that eventually became Leonardo).

But I got hardly any links and only the occasional private email.

Once I implemented comments, I got more response than I was getting  
via email and way more than I was getting through responses on other  

I wish it weren't the case. But I just got much better "conversation"  
having comments than not.

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On 31/10/2006, at 11:11 PM, Jeff Bone wrote:

> This bit from 37 Signals struck a chord:
> 	http://www.37signals.com/svn/posts/93-its-the-content-not-the-icons
> This is related, but not equivalent to, another bit of blogosphere  
> ettiquette that I feel strongly about.  And it's not clear to me  
> whether my position on this other matter is Cluetrain-consistent or  
> not, RageBoy be damned if he disagrees.
> Call me anti-social, but I have a standing rule for that day ---  
> oh, that day, may it be far away --- when I feel the need to have  
> an actual "blog" per se.  (Well, it's probably not that far off,  
> it's just that my own peculiar psychology is requiring me to re- 
> write large parts of Clickfeed before then, so...) That standing  
> rule is:  there will be NO freakin' comments.  NO COMMENTS, do you  
> hear?
> Why, you ask?  (Well, maybe you didn't ask, but you should have.)
> Because the Web is built by human interaction through interlinked  
> expression via discrete, named pieces of content.  Which is a fancy  
> way of saying:  content's valuable, but links are equally value, as  
> they express a variety of things that are not directly expressed in  
> a single piece of content (i.e. page, to the extent that this  
> concept even makes sense in the abstract "web.")  Which is a long- 
> winded way of saying:  if you want to comment on something I say  
> that I deem sufficiently important for allocating a URI, get your  
> own damn blog, give your own statement a URI, and link to what I  
> said;  we both --- and everyone else on the Web --- will profit  
> from this transaction, it's nonlinearly positive-sum.
> $0.02,
> jb
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