[FoRK] My refusal to have a blog per se, comments, technorati, and icon-mania

Tom Higgins < tomhiggins at gmail.com > on > Wed Nov 1 11:51:09 PST 2006

So now I babble on about blogs.....

Blogs at best are journals of note (with or without comments) and
metooism memastic s/n splatter with flashing anis and click the monkey
for a free ipod  at worst...ok there may be worse but thats the pits
for me.

Blogs in their best form inform and while it could well be an exchange
situation that is not essential   to being good blogs just as books
and other printed material are often fantastic informational devices,
not to mention entertaining, without having massively multiplayer
messaging systems.

All this though is based on the source of the blogs content creation
having things to publish that are informative and or entertaining.
While I have seen countless zillions take on this task I have found
only a small amount able to wear that crown.

There are some basic types of blogs, and while some will blend and
blur these are the cores I see in most blogs.

There are the  blogs that speak to a personal experience of life and
living. The ones I tend to read are subjectively more telling of who I
am than any metric of net literate worthiness, but that has been the
case with all personal reading whether it is on or off line.

There are the link blogs, these are the reporting of things found and
often have comments of a personal nature. Again the like or not of
these is subjective to the reader as the blogs creator is voicing an
expression of personal likes and dislikes given what they are
reporting on.  I look at these as newspapers or magazines, the blogs
creators act as editors.

There is the portal blog, a excuse to push an agenda or focus traffic
for a particular ends.

Then there is the everything to everyone blog. Not many of these interest me.

I have tried my hand at most of these types and mostly failed to even
keep my own interest let alone that of others.[0] Comments vs no
comments...when comments are on the spam flood is enough to drown out
any worth such that comments are best via a mailing list of like
interest (you are here --->. ) and email for more personal or small
group convos. There is cal for the use of IRC on some occasions, as in
the mindvox chan that Ive been on since 93 (13 years of commentary is
a nice thing)

As for the blogs I tend to keep reading over time some are a force of
habit [1] and others on again off again haunts [2] I notice when
looking at these that there are very few big name news sites. Maybe
this is because i get my news via the radio/netcasts more so than the
web as of late sitting down to read the screen has become a hight cost
activity. I wont even tell you what it takes to sit down and play a
few rounds of Tribes [3]

As for blog software and features making a blog better, I still hold
that the content is king. I have found it easier to do blogs with
certian software but these are personal skews rather than empirical
metrics, many hate blosxom while I loved it for a while, some swear by
wordpress while I am very happy with my many years using blogger.

The issue of comments or no comments, again I will say that it is not
necessary and in some blog's cases not wanted. In others though it has
made more interesting reading with the comments but without the
experience still would have been grand. Now wikis, thats a differnt
beast since the whole thing is about post it notes atop post it notes

[0] http://wsmf.blogspot.com is the longest running
     http://wsmfsounds.blogspot.com/ is one i was using to keep track
of sound sources
     http://jeanshepherdpodcast.blogspot.com// to disseminate jean
shepherd casts
     http://screamingbaby.blogspot.com/ a great idea with no time to
actually do like i want

[1] http://www.boingboing.net/

[2] http://www.parenthacks.com/

[3] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Starsiege:_Tribes  (under wine on
ubuntu works like a charm)

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