[FoRK] Healthy Conflict (?)

Dr. Ernie Prabhakar < drernie at radicalcentrism.org > on > Fri Nov 3 15:15:30 PST 2006

In the spirit of Stephen's quotes, I thought I'd offer this nugget,  
inspired from Wil Shipley's encounter with Nicholas Negroponte.

-- Ernie P.


The backlash on all this is that many people have apparently decided  
that conflict itself is inherently bad, just because there are so  
many examples of conflicts with bad motivations. I don't agree, but  
that begs these questions: When do we need to fight? When is it right?

My answer: When we're doing it for something larger. Some concept  
grander than ourselves. We're fighting for something that's right.  
And not right in the "my God told me your God sucks"-sense, not right  
in the "We're right because we're America and if you don't love our  
country you should leave you damn mexican jew lizard"... right in the  
"I can point to tangible good effects this will have on other people  
without causing a lot of tangible harm" sense.

There's an interesting side-effect to this last kind of fight, the  
fight for good. When you're not doing it for your own ego, you can  
win just by convincing others to join your side. If you get enough  
people to fight for you, you can even win without anyone actually  
knowing it was you.

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