[FoRK] Actionscript open sourcing

Kevin Elliott < K-Elliott at wiu.edu > on > Tue Nov 7 12:40:24 PST 2006

At 10:08 AM -1000  on  11/7/06, Lucas Gonze wrote:
>Can anybody interpret this event for me?  Is this about Mozilla and Flash
>sharing a Javascript compiler?  If so, how much code can they really share
>given that the Mozilla version is so oriented towards DOM manipulations?
>How does this relate to the Rhino and SpiderMonkey pieces of Mozilla?

No.  It's about Mozilla getting a flash interpreter.  SpiderMonkey 
happens to be the place they're plugging that component in.  As I 
read it, Adobe is trying to get the Flash language standardized (as 
ActionScript 4.0), and as part of that effort they've open sourced a 
bunch of code to facilitate integrating it into Mozilla.
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