[FoRK] Actionscript open sourcing

Lucas Gonze < lgonze at panix.com > on > Tue Nov 7 13:03:10 PST 2006

On Tue, 7 Nov 2006, Kevin Elliott wrote:

> At 10:47 AM -1000  on  11/7/06, Lucas Gonze wrote:
>> I thought Actionscript was Adobe's version of Javascript/ Ecmascript? My 
>> lack of Flash skills
>> is hurting me here.
>> Strategically I don't get why Adobe would want Flash to have more 
>> competition, whether >open source or otherwise.
> That's easy.  Adobe is a authoring tool company.  They want people lots of 
> people to be able to view their files so that a smaller, but still large, 
> number of people will pay them to use their authoring tools.  It's the same 
> basic strategy as PDF.

So they're seeking to offload their client development work to third party 

I'm not sure I buy that.  In terms of revenues, ok.  But the strategic 
value of Flash is much greater than the revenues that Adobe can gain from 
authoring tools, even if the company hasn't yet been able to monetize 
aside from anything but authoring tools.

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