[FoRK] Actionscript open sourcing

Luis Villa < luis at tieguy.org > on > Tue Nov 7 23:07:54 PST 2006

On 11/7/06, Matt Jensen <mattj at newsblip.com> wrote:
> Quoting Kevin Elliott <K-Elliott at wiu.edu>:
> > No.  It's about Mozilla getting a flash interpreter.  ...  As I read
> > it, Adobe is trying to get the Flash language standardized (as
> > ActionScript 4.0), and as part of that effort they've open sourced a
> > bunch of code to facilitate integrating it into Mozilla.
> Are you saying that based on this press release, or on external sources?
> My reading of the press release is that Adobe is open sourcing the
> guts of their high-performance ActionScript/JavaScript/ECMAScript
> (call it AJE-Script) virtual machine, including JIT compiler.  The
> reason for this (based on the press release) is that it makes
> AJE-Script a faster, more viable development language for people to
> consider.  Adobe's code is an order of magnitude faster than
> Mozilla's, IIRC.

Yeah, this is correct. I believe Mozilla's intent is to share the JIT
between Mozilla's javascript and Adobe's ActionScript compiler;
Mozilla gets a much faster JIT and presumably Adobe gets better
standards compliance and more feature development.

Frank Hecker from Mozilla goes into it pretty in depth here:

> Adobe is pushing their AJE-Script-based FLEX tools as a server-push,
> rich client alternative to AJAX. (Flash is currently client-pull; FLEX
> adds server-push.)  If AJE-Script is seen as being faster and more
> powerful than your grandfather's JavaScript, it will be adopted for
> more business applications, gain more developers, etc., in a virtuous
> circle.

Not clear to me what the AJE/javascript relationship will be going
forward- if moz will adopt AJE and dump javascript, or adopt AJE and
keep javascript, or they'll just share the JIT, or what.

> Making the Flash client itself open
> source would be a different proposition, I think.

Way, way different, though to be fair, with MS pushing XAML hard,
Adobe's revenue potential from anything other than tools is zero, so
with proper licensing, the revenue lost by open-sourcing flash would
likely be low.


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