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Andy Armstrong < andy at hexten.net > on > Wed Nov 8 12:37:02 PST 2006

On 8 Nov 2006, at 20:25, J. Andrew Rogers wrote:
> I'm with you on the "sorta" part.  The Republicans deserved to lose  
> but the Democrats did not deserve to win.  Which left us where we  
> are at.

Uh huh.

 From http://journal.davidbyrne.com/2006/11/117806_election.html

> Went to vote at the elementary school on 11th Street and my name  
> was mysteriously not on the list. I did a write-in instead — hope  
> they don’t throw it out. As someone who doesn’t trust this  
> government one inch I wouldn’t put it past them.
> Glancing at the headlines this AM I see the Dems have at least  
> taken a few seats back, maybe enough to give them a majority vote  
> in the house. I sang “This Land Is Your Land” to myself as I rode  
> my bike downtown — I got choked up and started to cry. Maybe it  
> will be the people’s land again, someday.
> I sense that the balance of power in the house and senate and the  
> rollback of the neocon agenda is only part of the job ahead, as the  
> country has been inundated with bully culture, the culture of  
> greed, for at least a dozen years. For many young professionals,  
> that’s all they know in their working lives — the attitude of  
> winner takes all, bigger smashes smaller and do it if you can get  
> away with it. It might take a while to allow another more humane  
> culture of getting along and nurturing each other and benefiting  
> from each other’s skills and knowledge to rise from the ashes. At  
> present ashes are pretty much all there is. Social animals know  
> better than this — they seem to instinctively know that there are  
> limits to what the bosses and the alpha males can get away with,  
> and that cooperation within the group is how the group survives.  
> Checks and balances — something that’s been missing for a while.
> I sense this culture every day, on the streets and in the media.  
> Every time a cop car from my local precinct runs a red light or  
> speeds down a one way street the wrong way (just because they can,  
> no other reason) and every time an SUV with darkened windows  
> muscles other cars, bikers, old ladies and kids out of way —  
> sometimes narrowly missing pedestrians as they run a red light —  
> well, it’s all been sanctioned by Bush and Cheney and the senators  
> and congressmen who allied themselves with these bastards. They  
> reflect and encourage one another. Push in line, build your  
> building right in front of someone else’s, destroy a neighborhood,  
> be a winner, a survivor. To me, those reality shows “teach” bully  
> culture — that’s the lesson that is imparted — and that includes  
> ones like Laguna Beach, which seems to promote backstabbing, lying,  
> duplicitous behavior and entitlement — all in a world where no one  
> works.
> If these are the Republican ideals (and judging by the rampant  
> corruption and entitlement in congress and elsewhere one would have  
> to say it is) then changing the politicians will not clean the  
> sheets. Not overnight.
> Op-Eds in the various armed forces newspapers have called for  
> Rummy’s removal. At last. They themselves — the military — cannot  
> directly effect political change, but surely in the pragmatic  
> interest of protecting the boys they will send an incredibly strong  
> message. As someone who lived through the Vietnam era and grew up  
> suspicious of the military (I thought of them always as the bad  
> guys, the ones who justified agent orange, massacres and outright  
> lying) in this case they are appearing as the voice of reason.  
> Reason from their POV. They sense that they, the military, at least  
> know how to do their job, and they stake their lives on it — and  
> Rummy and the others have proven that they are incompetent and are  
> jeopardizing the lives of thousands if not hundreds of thousands.

Andy Armstrong, hexten.net

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