[FoRK] Actionscript open sourcing

Albert S. < albert.scherbinsky at rogers.com > on > Wed Nov 8 19:08:10 PST 2006

Yes, promotion of FLEX may be part of it. Although
there are other benefits for Adobe to having their
latest script engine in places other than just their
product. I've written considerable amounts of
ActionScript in the past and as I mentioned the core
of the language is identical to JavaScript. I was able
to get into ActionScript quickly because I had a lot
of experience writing JavaScript. In fact I was able
to take big chunks of generic utility JavaScript and
bring it, without modification, into Flash. Being able
to tap into the huge base of JavaScript programmers is
a large benefit to Adobe. If they are already using
Adobe's ECMA engine, even better.


--- Lucas Gonze <lgonze at panix.com> wrote:

> After all this conversation, my conclusion on the
> strategic issues is that 
> this is probably a defense against Ajax.

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