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Dave Long < dave.long at bluewin.ch > on > Thu Nov 9 01:11:04 PST 2006

Back sometime in spring, we were discussing Iraq with an iraqi who's 
been in Switzerland for the last couple of decades[0].  I'd asked him 
if he had any suggestions for what we ought to be doing there.

He said, "be fair".

At the time, I'd told him that was going to happen Real Soon Now.

Now, however, it's a little more likely[1].  What if we were to say 
"OK, iff you all want to play one-man-one-vote, we'll stick around.  
Not to pump oil, not to build billion-dollar embassies, not to see just 
how much we can screw things up in limiting contact with Syria and 
Iran[2] to black ops, not to help (those who we hope are) our friends 
and punish (those we think are) our enemies, not to be just another 
(albeit sorely lacking in homeboys) warlord gang, but only to sit on 
things and help you all put a lid on those of you who seem to insist on 
playing the very different game of one-less-man-one-less-vote."?

Given all that has been done thus far, it may not be the most credible 
of offers, but could it be worse that what we've been doing?


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[0] he went back to visit in 2003, but wouldn't now, given the current 

[1] it would appear that we have not been the only ones following the 
elections in our neighborhood.  Our local paper, which usually carries 
all the grim news from the old country of rights trampled or caskets 
shipped somewhere past page 12 in the international section, has stars 
and stripes all over the cover[3] today.  super!

[2] I see they have an old Iran hand as SECDEF.  With Negroponte 
presumably successfully staying off the habits, maybe Gates'll sell to 
Ortega this time around, for symmetry?

[3] a position normally reserved for stories about either victorious 
sports teams or corrupt politicians.

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