[FoRK] Favorite podcast, vodcast, web page grabber?

Stephen D. Williams < sdw at lig.net > on > Sun Nov 12 08:58:57 PST 2006

I know you have opinions...
In addition to podcast and vodcast gathering on a schedule, I'd like to 
grab and image web pages so that I could have a nice feed each morning.  
I need software that will maintain an area by deleting yesterday's 
information and loading today's on a schedule.

Other possible features would include automatic conversion of text to 
speech (found a Windows app for that, but not exactly what I'm looking 
for) and conversion of HTML pages into a series of Jpegs of certain sizes.

Open source is better, but I'm interested in a ranking of what's out 
there.  Hopefully I won't have to write anything.

Any suggestions?


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