[FoRK] Dial up ISP in Oregon?

Strata R. Chalup < strata at virtual.net > on > Tue Nov 14 14:18:41 PST 2006

Sign up for a basic plan with emailthatworks.com.   They offer outbound SMTP as 
well as inbound POP or IMAP, and maintain high-number ports for your outbound 
SMTP connection.  Also support SSL inbound and SSL or TLS outbound, which makes 
me happy in coffeeshops.  Also webmail https.

Disclaimer:  I'm an advisor, but I trust them with MY mail, which tells you 


Andy Armstrong wrote:

> Sorry to bother FoRK with this. I provide web hosting to a guy who  
> makes mountain bike frames in Medford, Oregon - Jeff Jones  
> (jonesbikes.com). He's a fantastic frame builder but he sucks pretty  
> amazingly at computers. At the moment he's dialling up with  Jeffnet.org 
> (http://www4.jeffnet.org/) and finds that he often can't  send mail - 
> relaying denied - presumably because their outgoing mail  server doesn't 
> like him sending mail using the jonesbikes.com domain  name. For 
> whatever reason - possibly transparent proxying by his ISP  - he isn't 
> able to connect to my smtp server (which would allow him  to send mail).
> I'm having limited success solving his problems from here in the UK...
> Would anyone happen to know of a different ISP that serves Medford  that 
> I could recommend to him? Somebody who wouldn't get funky about  people 
> sending mail using a domain name other than the ISP provided one?
> Thanks :)

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