[FoRK] Dial up ISP in Oregon?

Ian Andrew Bell < hello at ianbell.com > on > Tue Nov 14 15:21:25 PST 2006

Put an SMTP server on Port 2525.  Only the hugest security geeks  
bother with blocking such high number ports.


On 14-Nov-06, at 2:29 PM, Andy Armstrong wrote:

> On 14 Nov 2006, at 22:18, Strata R. Chalup wrote:
>> Sign up for a basic plan with emailthatworks.com.   They offer  
>> outbound SMTP as well as inbound POP or IMAP, and maintain high- 
>> number ports for your outbound SMTP connection.  Also support SSL  
>> inbound and SSL or TLS outbound, which makes me happy in  
>> coffeeshops.  Also webmail https.
>> Disclaimer:  I'm an advisor, but I trust them with MY mail, which  
>> tells you something.
> I should probably have made the original question clearer. I can  
> provide him with POP3 and SMTP but his ISP won't relay outbound  
> mail if it doesn't use the domain name they provide, are  
> transparently proxying SMTP so he can't get to my server on port 25  
> and seem to be blocking a fair number of higher numbered ports.  
> Also he's fantastically technophobic so talking him through  
> anything even vaguely exotic (like setting up a new POP3 account in  
> Outlook) scares the living shit out of him :)
> I've just signed up for the Oregon LUG mailing list - I assume  
> there'll be a friendly nerd or two on there who have a pet ISP they  
> can recommend.
> Thanks all.
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