[FoRK] The drum beat continues, making exactly the wrong moves

Dr. Ernie Prabhakar < drernie at radicalcentrism.org > on > Thu Nov 16 10:45:22 PST 2006

Hi Stephen,

On Nov 15, 2006, at 9:38 PM, Stephen D. Williams wrote:
> "Openly gay" is passé of course.
> Now we're on to "openly Atheist": Leading intelligent, always  
> right, and likable characters are often now "openly Atheist": Dr.  
> Brennan on Bones, House on House, Gil Grissom on CSI, etc.

Much as I love the show House, and admire Hugh Laurie's character, I  
think you're pushing it a bit to call him "likable." :-)


> Time this week has a cover of: "God Vs. Science" which is a dueling  
> interview of Richard Dawkins and Francis Collins.

I really enjoyed that, and thought Dr. Collins (if occasionally a bit  
stuffier than I would like) did an excellent job of representing "my"  
side of the issue.  Do you feel Dawkins captured your perspective  


> So, what is the calculated response to all of this?

I think you give the religious right *far* too much credit if you  
think they're capable of that level of calculation. :-P

If, on the other hand, you're just trying to convince people that the  
leadership of the religious right is hypocritical, homophobic, self- 
righteous, self-serving and untrustworthy -- well, then I completely  
agree with you, and I suspect Jesus would too:


Even though I'm one of them.

-- Ernie P.

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