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Dr. Ernie Prabhakar < drernie at > on > Thu Nov 16 12:11:16 PST 2006

Hey Stephen,

On Nov 16, 2006, at 11:55 AM, Stephen D. Williams wrote:
>> Much as I love the show House, and admire Hugh Laurie's character,  
>> I think you're pushing it a bit to call him "likable." :-)
> Well, I like him!  You have to look through the gruffness.  I'd  
> rather have someone plainly combative but all up front than sugary  
> but stabbing you in the back.

Actually, if I've been keeping track, House is both combative *and*  
will stab you in the back. Just ask Wilson. :-)

I do agree that he's a lovable character, but I think the show does  
an excellent job of questioning his dark side (as when Wilson mocked  
his atheism as self-serving) as well as highlighting his overriding  
virtues.  When watching the show, I find myself both rooting for  
_and_ against him, which is what makes it such great television.

>> <blockquote type=cite>Time this week has a cover of: "God Vs.  
>> Science" which is a dueling interview of Richard Dawkins and  
>> Francis Collins.
>> </blockquote>
>> I really enjoyed that, and thought Dr. Collins (if occasionally a  
>> bit stuffier than I would like) did an excellent job of  
>> representing "my" side of the issue.&nbsp; Do you feel Dawkins  
>> captured your perspective appropriately?
> I didn't disagree with Dawkins at all and I did with Collins, if  
> that is what you mean.  I have additional arguments to those  
> presented.

Actually, I meant something different.  The vibe I got from Dawkins  
is that he really despised religious people, like with his "clowns"  
comment.  At the very least, this seems deeply ironic for someone  
who's condemning *religious* folk for being intolerant and irrational.

>> If, on the other hand, you're just trying to convince people that  
>> the leadership of the religious right is hypocritical, homophobic,  
>> self-righteous, self-serving and untrustworthy -- well, then I  
>> completely agree with you, and I suspect Jesus would too:
> Amen!
>> Even though I'm one of them.
> Good luck with that.  ;-)

Thanks. :-)

See, from where I sit the immorality and narcissism of religious  
leaders is indistinguishable from that of Dawkins and his ilk. I'm  
sure it is very comforting for him -- or them -- to think that all  
the evil in the world is because of "those other people".

I know better.

Ernie "the self-righteous, self-serving, narcissistic hypocrite"  

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