[FoRK] Wicked cool wind-powered robot / kinetic sculpture

Albert S. < albert.scherbinsky at rogers.com > on > Sun Nov 19 21:49:51 PST 2006

The leg linkage geometry in the walking sculpture is
quite simple, and runs off a crank shaft shaped like
one you'd find in an internal combustion engine. Yet
the resulting motion looks almost life like.

Make one out of metal, put in an engine, a seat and
some steering and you have yourself a very strange
walking dune buggy.

Very cool, thanks,

BTW, I started getting Forked again a couple days ago,
even though I hadn't cleared out my softwarepress mail
box. Strange.

--- Jeff Bone <jbone at place.org> wrote:

> You've got to check this out:
> 	http://www.ecogeek.org/content/view/350/
> Maybe our robotic overlords won't need to turn us
> into copper tops  
> after all. ;-)
> jb
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