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Strata R. Chalup < strata at virtual.net > on > Mon Nov 20 17:25:14 PST 2006

Russell Turpin wrote:
 > But if there is no intrusion in our world from the meta-world, it
 > just doesn't matter to me. Until and unless that window is
 > discovered, there's not even any way to guess what that meta-world
 > might be like, or its gods who created this world.
 > My answer is different if you ask the question: What difference
 > would it make if Christianity were true? But if Christianity were
 > true, there should be such a window. Instead, there are only
 > Christians.

I don't know enough about Christianity to understand what beliefs would 
necessitate the window from a meta-world.  All I know is something about 
"accepting Jesus into your heart" and then you are "saved".  Not sure if there's 
supposed to be actual divine intercession, or if praying for intercession merely 
constitutes guided visualization-- which has been shown in many informal studies 
to be useful, regardless of whether there is religion layered on top of it or now.

If things called 'miracles' are not reproducible on cue, and quantum physicists 
are not there to take whatever measurements they can when the so-called miracles 
happen, how can we have proof that they do or do not exist?

It's possible that being "saved" from a Christian viewpoint might be quantum 
entanglement with a higher-dimensional entity from a physicist's viewpoint, and 
might constitute a 'window' that would not violate simple 3 or 4 dimensional 
physical laws.  I don't know.  But I am not going to say that there is proof one 
way or the other, since AFAIK we don't have the combination of tools and 
circumstances yet to tackle proving it.

It's like the folks who purported to measure the weight of a soul at the time of 
death.  They got definite physical measurements.  Then everybody kind of 
realized that the mass/weight could be accounted for by diminished lung capacity 
caused by relaxation at death.  Doh.  But they really thought they were onto 
something there for a little while.

And we won't even get going on the 'proof' that Eastern medicine & acupuncture 
are bunk, the principles of homeopathy, bumblebees not being able to fly, and 
all the air being forced out of train windows over some small number of mph speed.

My position is that we don't have either the scientific or the linguistic tools 
yet to ascertain theoretically if there is definitively a $deity, or something 
equivalent.  All we can do is look to our own truths and acknowledge that others 
may reach different conclusions based on their own experiences.  Heck, we can't 
even conclusively prove that each other are here vs solipsism.  Let's work on 
that before we start trying to prove the existence of us++.


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