[FoRK] flatlanders discussing the 3rd dimension

Russell Turpin < deafbox at hotmail.com > on > Mon Nov 20 18:06:40 PST 2006

"Strata R. Chalup" <strata at virtual.net>:
>I don't know enough about Christianity to understand what beliefs would 
>necessitate the window from a meta-world.

There is a very wide variety of belief that goes under the name
Christianity, including some hardly distinguishable from atheism.
That said, the majority of Christians assert both (a) that their
god greatly desires that we each have a personal relationship
with him, and (b) that their god is perfectly capable of
presenting himself to individuals, as a god-avatar. To this last,
one need not believe the miracles of the Old Testament, but only
the New Testament story of Jesus.

Given these two assumptions, everyone should know that the
Christian god exists. Not as a "small, still voice." Not through
sophistric argument. But because Jesus or one of his angels
appears to everyone who has doubts, or through other miraculous
intervention that makes it obvious that the Christian god really

Paul recognized this contradiction in his theology, and started
both making excuse for it, and pretense that it wasn't. So did
the gospel writers. These often were rolled up into one, as with
the story of doubting Thomas. Many modern Christians follow the
example of their scripture, and vacillate between claiming that
there is plenty of evidence for their religion, and explaining
why there isn't and shouldn't be. The core contradiction of
Christian theology thus engenders the contradictory behavior of
its followers.

The crystal clear inference from Christian theology is that the
red pill should be obvious. To each of us.

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