[FoRK] flatlanders discussing the 3rd dimension

Bill Humphries < bill at whump.com > on > Mon Nov 20 18:24:32 PST 2006

On Nov 20, 2006, at 6:09 PM, Bill Humphries wrote:

>> Doesn't that argument apply equally well to heat-death?

Meanwhile, while I can discus what it would mean to me to be in a  
universe instance with or without a god, that's orthogonal to what I  
consider to be the real issues:

1. How do believers and non-believers coexist without killing one  
2. How do you allow for freedom of belief without compromising the  
rights of women?
   * This is critical since, as my girlfriend, the product of a  
Jesuit education, points out that women get the short end in all the  
world's major religions.
3. How to provide mechanisms for exit from communities of belief (the  
safe word is: ?)
4. What is the bargain between the desire for parents to raise their  
children in a community of belief, and the need for a civilization to  
raise fully-informed and tolerant next-generations?

-- whump

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