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Bill Humphries wrote:
> On Nov 20, 2006, at 6:09 PM, Bill Humphries wrote:
>>> Doesn't that argument apply equally well to heat-death?
> Meanwhile, while I can discus what it would mean to me to be in a 
> universe instance with or without a god, that's orthogonal to what I 
> consider to be the real issues:
> 1. How do believers and non-believers coexist without killing one 
> another?
Tolerance of people, belief, and culture, EXCEPT for intolerance itself. 
This means, in the end, absolute outlawing of teaching jihad, stoning, 
etc. Teaching hate is illegal in most places. I have free speech 
concerns, but if those laws are found to be legal, it should be extended 
> 2. How do you allow for freedom of belief without compromising the 
> rights of women?
> * This is critical since, as my girlfriend, the product of a Jesuit 
> education, points out that women get the short end in all the world's 
> major religions.
Ironically, at least for most Christian sects, women seem to be the glue 
that has the most promulgating effect for religion itself.
Atheists do not discriminate against women and have no reason for doing so.
> 3. How to provide mechanisms for exit from communities of belief (the 
> safe word is: ?)
That it is even an issue is terrible. There should be strong and 
immediate protection of everyone which would allow a real commerce of ideas.
> 4. What is the bargain between the desire for parents to raise their 
> children in a community of belief, and the need for a civilization to 
> raise fully-informed and tolerant next-generations?
This is a tough one. The old saw is that you need a license to drive but 
not to have and raise children.
There is a lot that could be tried, but this area is thick with 
unintended consequences.

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