Doormatism Re: [FoRK] Scott Adams: "Atheists: The New Gays"

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> On 11/20/06, Albert S.
> <albert.scherbinsky at> wrote:
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> > Not all Atheists are of the flaming variety. Soft
> > Atheists(Agnostics) are by their nature
> unimposing. 
> Oh yeah the old "Shut Up And The Big Religions Wont
> Bother With Us"
> doormat types. Yea that worked really well, them big
> old faith based
> folks certianly have not been noisily intruding into
> your life, laws
> and schools

I'm not advocating shutting up. I just don't think
forcing my views on other people accomplishes
anything. Obviously I ain't shuttin' up. I'm just
making an effort to understand and have some respect
for theists, the vast majority of which are decent
peace loving folks. They are getting a bad rap from
the flaming religeous nut bars.

> Not working out to great being a smiley happy
> doormat now is it?.

I'm not advocating being a door mat. In fact, I
advocate the war in Afghanistan and the war on terror
in general, but some of the tactics are disturbing and
some of the strategies are just wrong.

I advocate the separation of church and state(not the
abolition of church). I believe it is in the best
interests of theists and non-theists.
> > Admission of ignorance is the ultimate humility.
> Sticking your head in the sand is the best sign not
> only of ignorance
> but a willful disregard for the realistic nature of
> the behavoir
> systems we all live in.

There is a difference between not knowing and not
wanting to know. I always want to know, I often just

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