Doormatism Re: [FoRK] Scott Adams: "Atheists: The New Gays"

Tom Higgins < tomhiggins at > on > Wed Nov 22 09:56:57 PST 2006

On 11/22/06, Albert S. <albert.scherbinsky at> wrote:
> --- Tom Higgins <tomhiggins at> wrote:
> anything. Obviously I ain't shuttin' up. I'm just
> making an effort to understand and have some respect
> for theists, the vast majority of which are decent
> peace loving folks. They are getting a bad rap from
> the flaming religeous nut bars.

The Nut Bars have a name, they are called the Leaders, and if the
flocks are truly peaceful and mean no harm to those with other ways of
living then why do they support them either with direct monetary/power
 support or passive acceptance? Yea, ya see I am sort of done with the
whole argument that absolves the parts for making the body move...if
there were not a large and profitable (power and or money) mass to
draw power from then the Nut Bars as you call them would not be in a
position to call for the outlaws of gays, the enforcing of their views
on others though legal means (the pledge here in America is a great
example of this) and the continual social battle for "Our Souls"

> I advocate the separation of church and state(not the
> abolition of church). I believe it is in the best
> interests of theists and non-theists.

Thats very sweet of you, but your take on things is NOT how it is
being done, not by a mile. And so long as the power base sits back and
washes its hands of responsibility for the Pat Robertsons and Fred
Phelps of the world (just an example, there are tons more to toss in
if you really need)

Again, and this holds true for mullahs, popes, evangelical leaders, or
arch bishops of Bob...without a power base that supports them they are if most of the relgious folks dont want to cause
trouble...why is it happening such that a Dawkins was needed to be

Oh yea, inconvenient run and quote scripture..(me dons his
+4 vs dogma armor...Im A WARRIOR OF DAWKINS...i keeed i keed....for me
to pewp on...)
> There is a difference between not knowing and not
> wanting to know. I always want to know, I often just
> don't.

Contrast that from teh true belivers mindset which says that you dont
need to know, cause god/allah/j*h&v@ has it under control and your job
is to do prayers x times a day and jump when they say fog.


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