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Malcolm Greenshields < greenshields at uleth.ca > on > Wed Nov 22 18:48:04 PST 2006

Russell Turpin wrote:

> Malcolm Greenshields <greenshields at uleth.ca>:
>> I have always thought that two of the most violent and destructive 
>> movements of the past century, Nazism and the various Eastern 
>> versions of Marxism, were generally considered atheistic if not 
>> antireligious;certainly their most enthusiastic members thought of 
>> themselves that way. Much of the opposition to them was distinctly 
>> religious. While this datum does not necessarily bear on the 
>> intrinsic merits of atheist and theist positions, it certainly 
>> suggests that religion as a source of so many ills may be overdrawn.
> Two comments. "Atheism" indicates a rejection of ideologies that have
> supernatural elements. But in part, what you are observing is a battle
> against totalizing ideologies, whether or not they have a supernatural
> component. Marxism didn't have a traditional god, but as an ideology,
> it acted much like a religion, complete with a scripture, a march of
> History resulting in a Final End for man, the promise that man would
> be transformed along the way, and the opportunity for individuals to
> participate in that march. "Sin" became "false consciousness" that
> prevented that participation.
> Second, your comments are historically inaccurate with regard to
> Naziism. There were elements of it that were pagan rather than
> Christian, but Naziism viewed religion as essential.
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