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Ian Andrew Bell < hello at ianbell.com > on > Thu Nov 23 11:16:11 PST 2006

I can't send email reliably to people on Hotmail.  Some messages end  
up in the InBox, some end up in the Quarantine, but a greater  
majority of them go nowhere.  No fail code, no bounce, and no  
delivery:  "Thanks for the message, please wait while I drop it into  
this bottomless pit."  Behold the response from my email provider  
when I asked if he was aware of any problems...  This begs the  
question:  just who exactly does MSFT think they are?  They've broken  
the OS, now they're fucking breaking SMTP (snide comments about SMTP  
having "broken" baked in not welcome here).



Hey Ian,

Hotmail is a big problem.


Recent test show its worse than I could have ever imagined.  I
created an address in one of my domains and subscribed that address
to a dozen email lists techincal and non-technical none of which
can be remotely classified as spam.  I created a new Hotmail account
and forwarded the address to my old Hotmail mailbox and to the new
Hotmail mailbox.  Forwarding to both is through the same SMTP server.
At least half of the mail to the new mailbox does not arrive even
though accepted by Hotmail.  A message that does arrive in both
mailboxes will wind up in the INBOX of one mailbox and the Junk box
of the other mailbox and vice versa.

Another test is equally disturbing.  I subscribed an address in on
of my domains to 2 FreeBSD mailing lists and 2 Linux mailing lists.
I subscribed a new Hotmail mailbox to those same mailing lists.
Only 80% of the mail that was forwareded to my mailbox showed up
in the Hotmail mailbox that was subscribed directly.  That could
be a mailing list problem but I have no way of knowing that.

40% of what was delivered directly to the Hotmail mailbox wound up in  
the Junk
folder. 20% of what was forwarded to my mailbox wound up in the Junk  

Many other systems are having problems


Google will turn up other horror stories.

I don't have a solution to Hotmail's problems and I have wasted way
too much time on it.  I have tried sending mail to Hotmail from an
IP address that has never ever sent any mail and some disappears
and some winds up in the Junk box for no good reason.  When my
customers complain I offer a refund.  None have requested one so
far.  That's all I can do.

If Hotmail rejects a message I see the DSN.  The only mail Hotmail
rejects is mail to non-existent mailboxes or disabled mailboxes.
If you give me a recipient addrses I will show you that Hotmail
accepted the message and todded it on the floor.
John Capo


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