[FoRK] Man-A-Fence Destiny

Malcolm Greenshields < greenshields at uleth.ca > on > Fri Nov 24 12:54:46 PST 2006

Ian Andrew Bell wrote:

> On 24-Nov-06, at 6:57 AM, Albert S. wrote:
>> It's Man-A-Fence Destiny.
>> It's absurdism, a form of humor where things are taken
>> to their illogical conclusion. It's a manifestation of
>> America's wrestling with Isolationism and Foreign
>> Adventurism.
>> It's complete and utter nonsense.
> Unfortunately it's also an ideology very much being put into practise  
> at the White House for the next 24 months or so, absurdism and all.   
> More depressingly, it is seeping through American society and taking  
> hold with alarming zeal.
> -Ian.
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Good point. The big problem for the rest of the world is that this sort 
of destiny is embraced with no regard for the effect its pursuit will 
have on us, or worse, is pursued with the conviction that it is a unique 
and much deserved U.S. inheritance that will good for all of us, if only 
we understood.

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