[FoRK] reas. conv. 12/1: MLK on "Love"

Jeffrey Winter < JeffreyWinter at crd.com > on > Mon Dec 4 05:43:53 PST 2006

> I DO  want to defeat you, in the sense of convincing 
> every otherwise-bright person I know who is afflicted 
> with the plague of religion that religion is neither 
> necessary desirable in any sense, but rather a  
> grave threat that cannot be fixed but must be discarded 
> for the common good.

It would be interesting to see what sort of tragedies a belief 
in a purposeless universe coupled with a pathenogenic view of 
other people's beliefs would produce.

> My position is that belief in the spiritual --- of any  
> variety --- is in fact and indeed a serious and escalating 
> threat to the future survival and prosperity of the human 
> species and its eventual progeny.  It is nonsensical to 
> tolerate, defer to, or accord respect to such a threat."

I find this notion that religion is a "threat" unconvincing, and
frankly, ahistorical.  The bloodletting laid at the feet
of theism is rooted in tribalisms of all sort, colored by
religion certainly. Mostly it seems that antitheists just can't
brook the notion that others don't think along the same lines that
they do, and rationalize stances to perceived threats.  In some 
sense, it may be ultimately founded in the same sort of eschatalogy
embodied in the theism they fear so much.  

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