[FoRK] Massive Rube Goldberg machine

Justin Mason < jm at jmason.org > on > Mon Dec 4 09:59:45 PST 2006

Jim Whitehead writes:
> http://blueballfixed.ytmnd.com/
> Apparently a large collaborative effort.

here's more info on that:


  The Blue Ball Manipulator consists of tiles, animated GIF files of 100
  pixels by 100 pixels, each containing 30 frames at .08 seconds per
  frame. During every cycle 3 balls enter the tile through three points
  which are the same on every tile (except those made to only be usable on
  the edges). The ball follows a path through the animation in the
  individual tile and leaves at one of three preset points, which is
  exactly opposite one of the incoming points. By animating multiple balls
  moving along the same path, one can delay the exit of a ball so that the
  balls exiting in a cycle need not be the ones that entered in that

  By following the same simple set of rules, multiple people are able to
  create pieces of a larger animation which fit together seamlessly. Over
  the years, dozens of people have contributed.

  The individual animations are simple, but when they are placed next to
  one another, they become pieces of a much more complex machine. They
  have been placed together in a single animated GIF, and also various
  Something Awful forums members have created what are sometimes called
  "randomizers," scripts and programs which place the pieces next to one
  another randomly. These have included Javascript and Java programs,
  Shockwave Flash files, and screen savers.


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