[FoRK] reas. conv. 12/1: MLK on "Love"

Jeff Bone < jbone at place.org > on > Mon Dec 4 10:33:11 PST 2006

On Dec 4, 2006, at 10:22 AM, Eugen Leitl wrote:

> On Mon, Dec 04, 2006 at 09:58:04AM -0600, Jeff Bone wrote:
>> He's about as reasonable as the confused get...  if we can't figure
>> out how to switch him, then there's no hope in persuasive (non-
>> coercive) techniques.
> I don't think he's reasonable, he's just got you fooled by
> going through the superficial notions of a rational debate.
> His brain is just as fried on Jesus as the regular folks'.
> He's only showing it less, that's all. Nobody got God or lost
> him by rational debate alone.

I would agree that nobody ever "got" God by rational debate alone;  I  
would hazard that some --- perhaps rare --- individuals may have  
"lost" him by rational debate.

The experience with Dawkins would suggest that is the case.  I remain  
optimistic that the recent and increasing obviousness and odiousness  
of the most vocal and extreme theists has opened the door for a wave  
of otherwise-reluctant "closet atheists" to "come out."

One can hope, anyway.


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