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Tom Higgins < tomhiggins at > on > Mon Dec 4 15:56:07 PST 2006

On 12/4/06, Jeff Bone <jbone at> wrote:

> What would it take to change YOUR mind about the existence of God,
> Dr. Ernie?  I suspect there's nothing that will do that.  And that,
> in a nutshell, is the difference between faith and reason, and the
> why all your attempts to tar non-believers (or, perhaps more
> accurately, faith-rejectors) with the "faith" brush are nothing but BS.

Well put. Just this weekend I was describing this very point as
such.... the faithful are living in a house of glass cards built on
sand, if you make the wrong move (doubt, non status quo thinking)
things get its all about keeping it safe, sound and stable.
For me its a lot different, Im open to change so when things fall
apart (ie my understanding of things is shown to be based on bad
footings, new data shows other better outcomes) its not a catastrophic
failure of my being, its another chance to build my understanding back
up from what was learned.

You can see this clearly in the fracturing of "Faiths" and the
violence they are surrounded by.  Henery VIII decides to muck with
marital laws(ok lets just lump this on Martin Luther and his whole
reformation thing and call it good) and how many years of bloodshed
result. Succession squabbles from hundreds of years ago still brings
in daily body counts that should make any realy pious devote weep
themselves dry (Sunnis and Shiites).

Lets not forget these are faiths that proclaim, at least publicly, Love.

Me, I don't fight folks to the death over their beliefs in theism but
the chances of me being deaded by a theist for not being a theist/ not
being their brand of theist  is much (much) a more likely thing.

Want to do the math, go for Bone:)-

> $0.02,

Thats a lot of pennies on the floor today


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