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Ian Andrew Bell < hello at ianbell.com > on > Tue Dec 5 10:06:45 PST 2006

I've done it for years at TUFFMAIL.

I think part of your problem is called "Backscatter" which are the  
bounce messages you receive when one of your email addresses is  
forged into a From: header.

	A bit more about it here:
	And here:

Gmail hasn't to date implemented SRA (Signed Return Addresses) which  
to some extend addresses this issue.  But mail servers that send  
bounce messages back out the PIPE when the sending server is NOT in  
the listed SPF record are stupid.


On 5-Dec-06, at 9:29 AM, Luis Villa wrote:

> Gmail caught 13K spam for me in the past 14 or so hours. (This may in
> fact be a gmail bug, undeleting a bunch of spam I trashed yesterday.
> They really need a 'this might be spam', 'this is definitely spam'
> two-tier system. But I digress.)
> The vast bulk of it is emails *from* [random characters]@tieguy.org
> which are now getting bounced back to me. (*@tieguy.org is funneled to
> my gmail account, to let me provide domain at tieguy.org addresses when I
> buy/register/etc.) I'm getting so much of it, in fact, that I'm
> concerned that I'm going to get blacklisted.
> So a couple questions:
> * Is there something like SPF that I should be looking at setting up
> to help those who are currently getting inundated by spam 'from'
> tieguy.org, and additionally to verify that mail actually from
> luis at tieguy.org shouldn't be spam filtered? What is the state of the
> art there?
> * given that I don't want to set up a real mail server on tieguy.org,
> are there any better options for doing the wildcard domain stuff I'm
> doing? I don't want to give this up; cnnsi at tieguy.org (for example)
> gets several hundred spam a day, so I want to be able to give out
> email addresses trivially and later can them. gmail-specific solutions
> are acceptable; anything requiring serious server-side work probably
> not.
> Thanks in advance for thoughts/answers/etc.
> Luis (when I am philosopher-king, there will be patents on the torture
> of spammers, in order to encourage innovation in that critical
> competitive area)
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