[FoRK] What is the Real Difference? (was Beyond Faith)

Tom Higgins < tomhiggins at gmail.com > on > Tue Dec 5 16:29:07 PST 2006

Richard and Sam are not the leaders of any movement, they are not the
priests or the mullahs or the popes of a blindly following army of
"believers" who would strap on a bomb or go to war to protect their
myths . This is the point the theist are missing time and time again
because to get it, to understand this, would mean that they would have
to own up to what they are supporting to whatever degree they support

Most of the folks I know who have decided to not live the theist life
style do not need to form a group to justify that decision,  they
don't need or want a a mullah, priest or authority figure to speak for
them and they don't need to push their choices on others....what they
do decided to do  is to STAND UP for themselves.

Gone, I hope, are the days when the theists get to badger,belittle and
burn away those who wont live by their authoritarian god fairy tale of
choice (and thus add power/value to it).  What we are seeing now with
folks like Sam and Richard being so vocal is that enough folks are
done living in a closet held shut by the force of the theists.

I think one of the funniest things about Dawkins going so public is
thato work t it gives those folks who cant seem to understand 1+1
without a mullah, priest or authority figure telling them its ok to
think so ( more often than not they have no choice in thinking it so
don't ever question it) a label to slap on everyone who opts out of
the theist way of life.

You can tell its a growing concern when you see such violent and
irrational arguments in support of which ever authoritarian/religious
the theists have taken up.

So enough with the theists trying to define the argument in a strawman
way. Your not dealing with folks who have to bow to a king/father
figure to feel like they are human and thus you are not playing on
your usual fixed game scenarios. You going to have work at it a little
harder. I think this is where we find out if prayer works:)-


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