[FoRK] Annihilation from within...

Brian Atkins < brian at posthuman.com > on > Tue Dec 5 20:58:13 PST 2006

I've glanced at the book at Amazon a while back, but can't make myself buy it so 
far. Although it touches on some areas of interest for me, it seems mistargeted 
to worry about trying to keep intact the US government in face of even the 
relatively tame BCI he's on about, much less a self-improving AGI. What would be 
the point? Our current government is based on assumptions that eventually 
crumble under these scenarios.

With real Kurzweilian nano-enabled BCI, the "C" part of the entity would 
continue to rapidly grow in power along Moore's Law or likely faster, completely 
outstripping the "B" part in a short period of time to the point that the B is 
more of a bottleneck than anything else. At that point it makes more sense to 
just upload the B into the C substrate so the whole thing can run a lot faster, 
or better yet re-architect the mind altogether into something that can better 
deal with such large amounts of computing resources instead of forcing it to 
integrate through the ancient tiny evolved B legacy parts.

At any rate by that point you would expect the BCI-generated economy to become 
so large and technically advanced that it would utterly outclass any remaining 
human-1.0 actors or governments. Do posthumans really need a government of our 
current style to protect them or act on their behalf? As we live better than old 
kings today, these future people will plausibly live as near-omnipotently as our 
old bearded-sky-gods are imagined to. 18th century government will predictably 
go bye bye, or is at least relegated to "historic living museum" status if there 
are holdouts who don't wanna upgrade. Who knows what's next - government for 
demigods, whatever that would be like.
Brian Atkins
Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence

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