[FoRK] At what point is email officially broken?

Tom Higgins < tomhiggins at gmail.com > on > Wed Dec 6 13:59:11 PST 2006

Email is not totaly dead, its mostly dead  (enter miracle max)

I look back to the GreenCard spam as the Lexington-Concord of the Spam
Wars. We are  in the Washington' Retreat phase of the war. (metaphor
ejection system activated)

Back when I was admining it was bad, I can only imagine what it would
be like dealing with mail servers now; a reason why I dont run one at
home and instead use gmail.

So whats the answer....well we could keep on white listing and band
aiding the thing till its more patch than purpose (in the course of
which make third party facilitators rich or we spending more and more
time on our filters) returns will eventually diminish.

Also consider the resources of the Net that are being used in the
spams transmission. All that traffic is costing someone something, a
cost I think would have better uses.

Crypto? PGP has been out for a decade or so and it is being used by
what percent of the email population? Yea, see it may sound good it
might flash a little something but without use it means not much.

Lets face the facts that the spam problem is being fueled not just by
spammers but by several other groups. One are the folks who make it
profitable to spam, much like the War On Drugs its the Users Stupid.
Two are the folks who allow their net devices to become spam mules, it
is quickly becoming the case that ignorance of what your devices do on
the net is a dangerous thing. Three are the legislators who have given
the spamers little incentive to stop.

Profitability = Propagation

The bottom line for now is that the folks making spam possible make it
profitable and thus the rates of propagation will rise.

What to do?

Of course those who know better can just pull a Rapture of their own
leaving the folks unknowing/unwilling to be part of the solution Left
Behind. A new system could be forged that could work as he dinkum
thinkums set it out to be without the worry of dealing with smtp
compatibility. This of course limits the userbase of the brand new
jimmy but is that such a bad thing? Could a NewWay be made that could
be usable by the Mass Lumpen.

We could suffer the bandwidth of idiots and continue white listing etc

Of course trying to craft an email about this with a screaming 1.5
year old is a tad much so  this is where Im leaving it.


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