[FoRK] Annihilation from within...

Dave Long < dave.long at bluewin.ch > on > Thu Dec 7 00:25:50 PST 2006

> obstacles to overcome with BCI are far steeper.

I am a little behind on my reading in this area, but my understanding 
of where we are now:

- external measurement is noisy and low-res.  Scalp measurements 
naturally so, fMRI because there are intrinsic tradeoffs between scan 
rate, resolution, and field strength[0] (even if one thinks in russian, 
"Привет Товарищ" takes a couple of minutes, as current practice has 
bandwidths of spb, not bps)

- internal measurement, as pointed out, requires brain surgery.  
Wireless implants currently seem like the best way to go, in terms of 
avoiding tissue response and hygiene issues.  Luckily for this field, 
the head has had the best track record in terms of retaining abutments, 
but as far as I am aware, these currently fall into two distinct 
categories:  (a) structural support, and (b) temporary for experiments.

- except among rats, for whom the distinction between "temporary" and 
"lifetime" is pretty slim.


:: :: ::

[0] what's up with the low-T MRI stuff?  Have they figured out a way 
around the tradeoffs, or just a way to practically achieve some 
resolution with long enough scans?

[1] once you have the implant in there, what signal were you thinking 
to relay?

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