[FoRK] At what point is email officially broken?

Justin Mason < jm at jmason.org > on > Thu Dec 7 04:58:32 PST 2006

Andy Armstrong writes:
> In the UK we have the TPS and MPS (Telephone Preference Service and  
> Mail Preference Service) for POTS and paper mail. You register with  
> them that you don't want any more spam and it cuts the spam  
> drastically - it doesn't entirely eliminate it but it drops to an  
> unobtrusive level and gives you the threat of a regulator to beat up  
> the people who slip through the net.

Yeah, I strongly agree.  The failure to adopt EU-style opt-in anti-spam
legislation in the US was the biggest failing in the legislative fight
against spam to date -- and the DMA is *directly* to blame, from what I've

(Mind you, I hear the UK regulator is a bit inept ;)


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