[FoRK] At what point is email officially broken?

Andy Armstrong < andy at hexten.net > on > Thu Dec 7 07:22:12 PST 2006

On 7 Dec 2006, at 13:16, Andy Armstrong wrote:
> Absolutely - and the interesting thing is that the system works  
> pretty well in spite of that. I'm not exactly comparing like with  
> like of course. There are plenty of respectable companies who  
> engage in telemarketing who wouldn't get into email spamming and  
> they will tend to obey even a relatively toothless regulator - but  
> even the rogue operators seem to have stopped calling us.

Apropos of which:


The UK's Information Commissioner has served enforcement notices on  
five companies involved in direct marketing for calling people who  
had already made it clear they weren't interested.

And while the notices related mainly to double glazing companies,  
telcos are next in the firing line.

IDT Direct Limited, often known as Toucan, Staybrite Windows Limited,  
Zenith Windows Limited, Bowater Windows Limited, and Bowater Home  
Improvement Limited are the companies in the frame. The companies  
have also been told to stop calling people who had registered with  
the Telephone Preference Service, or face fines of up to £5,000.

Four of the companies told punters they would have to call another  
number to avoid future calls, a practice described as "unacceptable"  
in the notices served.

IDT Direct Limited is also banned from making automated calls unless  
it has the individual's explicit permission.

Automated calling systems will often call up a punter on the premise  
that a call centre drone will be available by the time the punter  
answers the phone. If no drone is available, the punter gets a silent  
call, which can upset people.

The notices are in response to complaints from the public, and more  
complaints will lead to fines being applied.

And it's not just windows and conservatory companies which are guilty  
of this. The commissioner is meeting Carphone Warehouse and Talk Talk  
this Friday to discuss similar complaints. Unless assurances of  
future compliance are accepted, more enforcement notices will be  

Andy Armstrong, hexten.net

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