[FoRK] Re: At what point is email officially broken?

Corinna < corinna.schultz at gmail.com > on > Thu Dec 7 08:44:47 PST 2006

Jim Whitehead wrote:
> It's unclear to me that this would solve the spam-via-botnet problem. In 
> this case, the end-user's machine has been completely compromised 
> including, presumably, the ability to send encrypted email as that user.

Why do we not have tools that make it clear to the average user what 
kinds of things their computer is doing? That would at least alert them 
to the problem. Maybe a desktop icon (or, heaven forbid, a popup balloon 
notice) saying "Stats: You have sent 1203 emails today. You have viewed 
234 different web sites today. You have connected to the Internet 14356 
times today." Along with a link to information on how to clean a 
compromised computer.

Or maybe this exists already and I don't know about it?


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