Push Me Pull My Finger Re: [FoRK] At what point is email officially broken?

Tom Higgins < tomhiggins at gmail.com > on > Thu Dec 7 18:23:46 PST 2006

Ok im going off the deep end here since I lack the dinkum thinkum
deepness to do the problem real justice....

Push Me Pull My Finger..... There are many folks and lists that make
up a large percentage of my email reading. Rather than me accepting
all mail and filtering out the spam why not just go to a safe drop box
they have and pull down any mail there addressed to me.

Reverse the traffic flow. The item is not send until requested.

Now since I thought of this I have come up with a few ways to inject
spam in there, but as this is a pull from a trusted source a trust
metric could be used that would do things like raise red flags if a
larger than normal amount of mail awaits in the drop box.

This would also cut down on those massive CC debacles, if I am not
subed to the dropbox of the CC spamer I wont be pulling that in.

Yes this smells a lot like RSS (please no Whiner sub thread por favor)
and it might well be inventing something already there or almost

Anyway, shoot it full of whole, or better yet fill up the copious
holes as this is just an idea bordering on slenderness.


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