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paul < paul at remsset.com > on > Thu Dec 7 23:21:20 PST 2006

[meant to send this to the list.  T'bird has a learning curve, ok?]

Andy Armstrong wrote:
> On 11 Oct 2006, at 23:34, paul wrote:
>> The problem could be WinAmp 2.8.  Or maybe it's this old
>> p3/550.  Or Win98SE.  <grin>
> Are you from the past? :)
  catching up on mail...

Everyone is from the past.  :)

I went on a little spending spree.

I bought a Squeezebox.

I bought a new PC.  It's an eMachine of all things.  3.2 GHz Celeron,
512 Mb RAM, 80 Gb drive, CD-R/DVD optical.  XP Home, Works, a trial
version of Office and lots of shovelware like 6 months of "free" AOL.
Included a decent mouse, an OK keyboard, and a pair of USB powered
speakers.  I bought it on eBay.  Paid $249 /including/ shipping.  Same
thing at Wal*Mart was $377 + tax.  It looks well built.  The cover comes
off easily, the wiring was neatly arranged, and it seems to work quite

It has been a tiny adventure setting up the new machine.  I'll spare you
the story.

I bought a Roomba.  WOOT!

The FedEx dude that comes to the HEB really likes that I will take my
packages there instead of him having to deliver to the house.  Well,
beats having the donkey eat the boxes before I get home.  The chicks in
the Business Center just look and wonder what the hell I have bought
now.  Squeezebox drew "that's interesting" comments as their eyes
glazed.  The new PCs drew "that's a good price" comments.  The Roomba
just blew them away.

I bought the wired version of Squeezebox.  Not because it cost less but
because I have no wireless LAN stuff and I've already run the wires.
The latest server software (slimserver) runs on 98SE and can see the
Squeezebox, but SB couldn't see the server.  An older version of
slimserver couldn't see SB but SB could see the it.  Real useful stuff
here, folks.  I have a brand new $229 chunk of electronics and it
doesn't work as advertised.  But SB can connect to SqueezeNetwork and
Triple M in Sydney is a pretty decent radio station.... cross KLBJ and
KWTX, add a handful of KHFI, a pinch of Key103 (or whatever Bob calls it
now), a tiny pinch of KVET, and a lot of Australian accent.  Crikey!

Then the new PC arrived, I installed Slimserver and little ol'
Squeezebox was like "Momma!"

*Anyway*.  Playing my ripped to 192VBR CDs through Squeezebox on the
stereo sounds just like playing the CDs in the Sony 200 disc changer.
If not better.  Sound quality is excellent.

It's fun to have it playing everything in random order.  You go from
Blondie to REM to Robert Earl Keen to George Jones to Madonna to Yma
Sumac to Bread to Tina Turner to ABBA to Youthu Yindi to Pink Floyd.

Slimserver says I have 550 albums with 4183 songs by 405 artists.

I have tunes playing while I do mail and stuff on the new PC while
playing music, and Roomba is slaving away doing the vacuum cleaner thing.

Life is pretty good, eh?


    To err is human, but to moo is bovine.

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