[FoRK] Annihilation from within...

Dave Long < dave.long at bluewin.ch > on > Fri Dec 8 03:23:01 PST 2006

> The real issues here are materials science issues (tunable, high-rez, 
> low-power room temperature electromagnets and pickup assemblies)

OK, so high-rez says to me "steep spatial gradients", and as Eugen 
points out, real-time says "steep temporal gradients".  Given that 
low-power is all about "shallow gradients", how is materials science 
supposed to beat the physics?


:: :: ::

>> even if one thinks in russian, "Привет Товарищ" takes a couple of 
>> minutes...
> I haven't heard anyone calling someone else comrade in Russia in a 
> long time.
> Unless you're a member of the Communist party, maybe.

Sorry, bad Reagan-era reference.  From around the same time frame as 
"Red Dawn" (in which Cuba and Nicaragua occupy the US with 500,000 
troops?) and "Rambo: The Sequels" (in which John Rambo fights alongside 
the heroic Muj!), in "Firefox" (yes, like the browser) Clint Eastwood's 
character steals a thought-controlled Soviet jet.

> When the first rumors began to filter out of the Soviet Union some 
> three years ago, our theoretical weapons strategists stood before NATO 
> command to explain - with much confidence - that it would take the 
> Soviets a minimum of ten years to develop a Mach Five aircraft with 
> thought-controlled weapons systems. I stand before you today to 
> explain - with much regret - that we were wrong.

The catch to the thought-control?  "You have to think in Russian".

I'd like to say I haven't heard anyone coming up with completely 
incredible threats in the States for a long time, but for some reason 
it just seems to have moved from the domain of actors to the domain of 

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