[FoRK] Annihilation from within...

Jeff Bone < jbone at place.org > on > Sat Dec 9 13:18:01 PST 2006

On Dec 8, 2006, at 5:23 AM, Dave Long wrote:

>> The real issues here are materials science issues (tunable, high- 
>> rez, low-power room temperature electromagnets and pickup assemblies)
> OK, so high-rez says to me "steep spatial gradients", and as Eugen  
> points out, real-time says "steep temporal gradients".  Given that  
> low-power is all about "shallow gradients", how is materials  
> science supposed to beat the physics?

There's no conflict here --- we're not talking physics problems,  
we're talking engineering problems, specifically miniaturization  
problems.  MEG could be dramatically improved through some relatively  
minor advances, and some new materials seem fairly promising.  Having  
trouble w/ del.icio.us at the moment so I can't find the links I'm  
looking for, but here's a (now rather dated) flyer from an earlier  
conference that mentions MEG applications in passing:



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